The Great and Powerful Penguin Parade project will begin on Saturday in St. Albans at noon sharp and then regroup in East Fairfield to continue at 3 p.m.
      Artists in the area have been painting 27" tall Macaroni penguins since January. Some penguins have been on display in both the Meeting House on the Green and St Albans City Hall all month. All will be available for the silent auction at the Meeting House on the Green after the parade.
      The St. Albans parade route begins on Stebbins Street and travels up Stebbins to Main Street. On Main Street it turns north to pass the Main Street judging stand at Taylor Park. When it reaches Lower Newton Street the parade turns West and proceeds on Lower Newton Street to reload the flatbed trailers on Federal Street. Penguins will then be trucked to Fairfield for the concluding leg. That route begins at the East Fairfield Covered Bridge, proceeds north on Bridge Street to Route 36. It will pass the judging stand at Stone's Shell and turn down School Street to end at 53 School Street in East Fairfield.
      Espace pour la vie Montreal joined the All Arts Council to supply the penguin silhouettes to artists and schools in the county. They will also bring pairs of Gentoo penguins, King penguins, Macaroni penguins, and Northern Rockhopper penguins as well as six Atlantic puffins to serve as grand marshals for the parade on Saturday. Click here or here here for more info.
      Since 1999, the Space for Life Foundation has taught young and old alike about the environment. It helps to advance natural sciences and science culture educationally, scientifically, culturally, socially and artistically to enhance our natural heritage and stimulate everyone's interest in sustainable development and the preservation of biodiversity.
      Funds raised will benefit the new Science of Music Center at the Meeting House on the Green in East Fairfield. Call Michele Bessett, email, or click here to make additional donations.
      March 30 was the deadline for returning the finished penguins to parade organizers and today is the deadline to realize that it is again April 1.

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