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There has been enough popular interest in the April First columns to pull them together here.

Jimmy Buffett visits Vermont (2000)
Museum of Minute Stamps opens (2001)
Guinness-candidate Sky Art project over St Albans (2002)
Vermont Constitutional Amendment
New Vermont Maple Festival location (2003)
Pavarotti's Art Exhibit in Enosburg (2004)
Extreme Makeover, This Old House Style of downtown St. Albans (2005)
Heartwarming success of Beau Vine and the Buckamoos (2006)
WKFC, the high tech addition of Franklin County to the CTV Television Network (2007)
The first Heritage Dance Center in the nation (2008)
The one-day Drive-Through Art Gallery (2009)
The Ice Breaker 200--NASCAR Does Art (2010)
The Franklin County Broadway Festival (2011)
Prodigies in History (2012)
Brain-to-Brain Download Tour (2013)
The Bakersfield & East Fairfield Caravansary Art Festival (2014)
The first Civil War Aircraft Carrier built on Lake Champlain (2015)
Replay the Bay, the first World Art--Vermont Stage project (2016)
The Great and Powerful Penguin Parade project, with 27" tall Macaroni penguins (2017)
Maple Whipped Cream, the first new full length ballet in decades premiered in Vermont (2018)
The World Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship, comes to Vermont for the first time (2019)
Vermont hosts the world premiere of Cirque Britannia: Victoria Drawn from Life (2020)

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