Dick Harper's

      Dick is an engineer, writer, boat builder, photographer, occasional college teacher, and arts council chair.
      "The girls say I'm pretty easy; I can be had for most anything with wheels, keels, or terabytes."
      Dick splits his time between the Florida Keys and the Vermont farmhouse he and Anne share with a menagerie of cars and tools and boats and a great pile of sawdust from ongoing renovation projects.

[Anne took the digital photo at the
southernmost point in the United States.]

Capture the World on Paper™

      Writer-photographer Dick Harper has looked at the world with pen and lens for decades. His words paint pictures; his photographs tell stories.
      Dick is a newspaper columnist, an engineer, and arts council chair. He is an eclectic and versatile professional with a career that includes publishing and picture taking, teaching and inventing, engineering business solutions and building boats, and racing cars.
      A local arts columnist and a regional op-ed writer, Dick's articles and editorials on the arts, business, consumer issues, cars and boats and other grown-up toys, and technology have appeared in national, regional, and local publications. His trade and general interest articles cover manufacturing equipment as well as management for small businesses and for arts organizations. He writes a popular weekly newspaper column and has published technical manuals, textbooks, and short fiction.
      He works across northern New England, southern Florida, and the American Southwest. He can be found getting the light right on a bat tower, lying in the grass for a view of brown cows against vibrant foliage, viewing an ancient cactus bloom against biosphere glass, or capturing the vanishing end of a seven mile bridge over clear green water. His photographs have been exhibited in Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida and are in private collections in those states and Canada. He has moved exclusively to digital photography and exhibits unretouched original images as well as blending the effects of the digital darkroom.
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Professional Organizations and Community Service

      Committed to community service, Dick is a founder of and serves as a Director and Chair of the All Arts Council of Franklin County. He served as an Incorporator of the Northwestern Medical Center, and founder and past director of the Missisquoi Health Center. He stood as the long-time elected School Moderator in the Town of Highgate. His other committee work centers on Franklin County volunteer organizations including the Town of Highgate, the Swanton Library, the Franklin-Grand Isle Resource Directory, and the Franklin-Grand Isle United Way. Dick also hosted the televised interview program, Neighbor to Neighbor.

Professional Life

      Dick brings the juice that makes a product line sing thanks to senior technical management slots with Fortune 500 manufacturers and leadership of a small firm that conceives popular products and initiates the technology leaps for manufacturing them. Not your ordinary inventioneer, he has made breakthroughs in powerboat hulls, material handling equipment, and consumer products.
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Availability & Rates

      Dick Harper can write on assignment or for hire. He offers day rates for location photo assignments and has stock photos of many subjects on hand.
      He gives readings, presents lectures on the art of fiction, and can host workshops on the craft of opinion writing. He will speak at panels, meetings, and residencies. He is also available to consult on arts organization as well as growth and marketing for individual artists.
      Presentations and workshops range from $500-$1500. Other rates are available upon request.

Social Media

      Here’s Dick's Twitter page (his Twitter username is @northpuffin). Facebook users can find him at facebook.com/dickharper. The hidden secrets about boats are here and cars here and the salacious stuff here.



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